Get to know us

Lyke is inspired by… Lykke.

Lykke” comes from the Danish language which means happiness. But there is much more to this word. Lykke is more powerful because it’s also a lifestyle that aims to be happy. Just like that.

The pillars of the Scandinavian philosophy of happiness are based on universal values, thanks to which everyone can put them into practice. There is no secret knowledge here, to which only the Danes have gained access. Lyk(k)e is simply beautiful and important attitudes worth living by. And this is what we do.

Founded in 2016 Lyke grew from a desire to create support opportunities for physical and mental health, education, children’s development and rights.
Lyke embodies the necessity and responsibility to offer prevention programs.

The team is consists of people with a passion for others and finding solutions to make life easier and more enjoyable for children and adults.

Let’s start together with your development towards a happier life.