We support development

We support development.

The world of LYK(K)E

Lykke comes from the Danish language which means happiness. However, there is much more to this word. Lykke is more powerful because it is also a lifestyle that aims to be happy. Just like that.


Assumptions of Lykke

The pillars of the Scandinavian philosophy of happiness are based on universal values, so that everyone can put them into practice. There is no secret knowledge that only the Danes have gained access to. Lykke is simply beautiful and important attitudes worth living by. What do they consist of?

A sense of community

People need other people. Closeness to another person reduces the feeling of loneliness, reduces stress, and belonging to a group that will show support even in difficult moments can prevent many difficult moments.


Mental and physical health are equally important. Taking care of the body and mind (e.g. mindfulness training) allows for good and comfortable mood and eliminates many health problems.


Trust is essential to building healthy and honest interpersonal relationships. Without this, it is very difficult to achieve openness and peace. By trusting that others have good intensions and friendly attitude, life is easier, nicer, and more peaceful.


Even with an extremely busy schedule, it is worth finding a space for yourself or your loved ones. By spending time on self-development, resting or strengthening ties with loved ones, you can remind yourself that you do not live for work. A balance is needed.

What is LYKKE in Lyke?

The implementation of Lykke’s assumptions is not always easy (we know this from our personal experience). That is why our mission is to help in the process of development, self-improvement and, above all, achieving happiness. We want to make coping with everyday challenges easier and more pleasant thanks to the tools we provide. We are not able to eliminate difficulties and problems that arise in life, but we suggest a way to deal with them in a healthy way so that we can live happily.

At LYKE, we draw handfuls of Lykke. We provide tools that help in being a happy person. We want to be a bridge between theory and practice for those who look for self-development techniques, calming down, soothing, working with emotions and closeness. We truly believe that LYKKE is for everyone, therefore we come out with solutions for children and adults. After all, happiness has no age limits!